About the Project

Governance for Source Water Protection in Canada is a collaborative research initiative supported by the Canadian Water Network and led by the Water Policy and Governance Group at the University of Waterloo. Involving numerous researchers, graduate students and partners from academia, government, NGOs, First Nations, watershed groups, and more, this project seeks to improve understanding of key knowledge gaps relating to water governance, and to contribute to advancing source water protection processes and outcomes in Canada.

One of the primary goals of this project is to reinforce the importance of water governance – the ways in which societies make decisions that affect water. Our work will reveal and seek to understand the inherent complexities and difficulties associated with cooperative, shared decision making processes for SWP. Hence, we believe that it is critical to mobilize current knowledge from practitioners and managers and to generate policy relevant information.

Reflecting these principles, our approach in completing project components is participatory, interactive and adaptive. Outreach and knowledge translation are integral and will occur throughout each stage of the project.

This project has been made possible thanks to support and funding from: